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One weekend out of years of domestic abuse & violence.

Elizabeth is a young, vibrant mother. Recently married and pregnant, she encounters a situation no women should ever have to face. She finds herself under constant mental and physical abuse by her new husband Hector. The only peace found are the moments she is alone caring for her infant son Joseph. How much mistreatment can one endure when pushed too far? What will happen when that time comes?

Based on real life events of producer Felipe Piña’s mother, “A Truth in Silence” depicts one weekend unlike any other in her 17 years of domestic abuse.

Original music:

"Silent Scream" is a song composed, written and sung by Mark Baldonado after reading the script for 'A Truth in Silence'. The song is an inspirational piece that encourages victims to take that first step towards finding the courage to seek help.

Message from Felipe (writer/producer):

Mixing true reality with entertainment, the nature of the short demonstrates a small aspect of the emotional traumas survivors of domestic abuse and violence go through. It also reflects situations an individual could be living in currently. Thank you for visiting. I hope to bring awareness to an issue that is very prevalent and almost accepted in not only the Hispanic community and culture, but every community and culture around the world. As a vision, stories and causes such as this are what Piña Productions aspires to create in the long term.

Cast and Crew

Felipe Piña (Writer/Producer)

Wyoming raised Felipe Piña is a writer/actor/producer with a very diverse background both personally and professionally. His love of entertainment began at a very young age when he would sing and dance for his mother and brothers to whatever was on the record player. In fourth grade he wrote a book entitled “Mummies Yes or No?” where he won a first place award for creativity. His penchant for entertaining was reflected in his involvement in projects like school musicals and fundraising performances for International Club in High School. He was accepted to the University Of Wyoming, where his love of culture led to a journey towards becoming U.S. Diplomat.

While at the University of Wyoming, Felipe was accepted to a study abroad program in Bogota, Colombia. This allowed him to immerse himself in Spanish to perfect his fluency. Upon his return to the U.S. a year later, he immediately sought out and was awarded a semester internship with the U.S. State Department in Washington DC. Felipe graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1999 with a dual degree in Spanish and International Studies. After graduation, his road to becoming a diplomat was detoured.

Fortunately, this allowed Felipe to gain over 15 years of corporate experiences ranging from corporate communications as the Spanish spokes representative for Frontier Airlines to finance with his current position with Internal Audit at City National Bank.

This corporate experience combined with 10 years in the entertainment space as a professional SAGAFTRA actor has allowed Felipe to build relationships spanning both worlds. This has nurtured his drive to seek new and innovative ways to create and bring any project to fruition. Currently, Felipe is on a mission to change the world through the power of story, most recently as writer and producer of the short film, “A Truth in Silence.” It is not only the first script he has ever written, but also the first of many films to be made under his new Piña Productions banner.

He lives in Los Angeles.

Lynnette Myers (Producer)

Lynnette Myers is devoted and committed with a trained creative eye focusing on the Film Industry. A graduate from Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, NYFA, AFI; her experiences range from Live TV, Features, TV Series, Commercials, Music Videos, Web Series to MOW’s. She has a long credit list as a Producer, Director, LP/UPM, and 1st AD positions over her 20+ career along side Film Makers like Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Patty Jenkins & Russell Carpenter. The list of Actors she has worked and become friends with is equally impressive: Jamie Foxx, Charlton Heston, Jennifer Aniston, Andy Garcia, Demi Moore, Gerard Butler, Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Danny Glover, Kate Hudson and Bobby Flay.

Lynnette is skilled in working all budget sizes from indie social network funding projects to major Networks (Life Time, Food Network, NBC, CBS, SHO, HBO & HGTV)

Over the years she has been pleased to donate her time and work with many "Non for Profit" projects. One project which she shared a special connection with in memory of her 20 yr sister was the “The Special Olympics” with Johnny Knoxville.

Lynnette Myers constantly amazes those who work along side of her; she is a True Professional who can make the smallest of projects come out a GIANT!

Jonathan Salemi (Director)

Jonathan Salemi is a Los Angeles, CA., based Director and Producer best known for his award winning short film “Sidewalk Symphony” that has been seen on PBS, screened at two of The Academy Award qualifying film festivals, winner at The Boston International Film Festival, screened at The Sydney Opera House in Australia, and recently receiving world-wide distribution.

His first film was the comedy feature “Ante Up” that enjoyed a limited theatrical release as well as premiering at The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA. He followed up that film with the feature documentary "Making Your Mark: A year in the life of an entrepreuner", a multi festival winner that is currently up for distribution. Presently, he is in post-production on a Science Fiction short-film and writing his next feature film.

Vanessa E. Garcia (Elizabeth)

Born and raised in Los Angeles California.  Vanessa E. Garcia attended UCLA in entertainment studies and performing arts.  She got her first big break last year in the world renowned play “8” was performed in Los Angeles; starring alongside an all-star cast including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Rob Reiner, Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Bacon to name a few. Vanessa now studies at the Carter Thor Studios with Cameron Thor.

When asked about her role in this film she replied:  "This film came from a very real place in my heart. I hope this film opens people’s eyes and hearts to this sensitive issue so they take action if this topic ever crosses their friends or families path.”    

Abimael Linares (Hector)

Abimael Linares was born in Puerto Rico. The first of three brothers, sons of Aida E. Soto and Luis F. Linares. He grew up in Ensenada, Guanica, a small community in a beach town on the South West coast of the island.

Growing up he always had a special admiration and interest for stories and music but it wasn’t until his final years in college that he discovered acting amongst the other arts, distracting him from his, thought, career path to continue as a biologist. After being out of college for about two years and working as a supervisor at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Society, Linares realized that the only thing that really satisfied him was being part of theater and entertainment. Soon after, booking a recurring role on a Telenovela, he put aside his career on plants and moved to Miami, FL. In February 2010, Abimael bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, California where he now resides, continuing his career as actor and film professional.

Mason Messiah- Jackson (Joseph)

Mason M. Jackson is a native of Los Angeles, CA. He started acting at a very young age and was quick to demonstrate his talent in his debut short film “A Truth in Silence”. While he is not acting, Mason loves to play with his drums and strum on his guitar then take an afternoon enjoying a ride on his swing set.

Lending a voice to the detrimental social issue of domestic violence and encouraging survivors.

A Truth in Silence" will be used to benefit currently two crisis centers that specialize in assisting victims of domestic abuse, violence, mental abuse, and homelessness. The goal is to encourage any individual who finds themselves in an abusive situation, to understand and know that help is available to them. The short also exists in hopes that survivors of abuse and violence can identify, find the courage, and begin to speak up about their true stories. It can be in a therapeutic form they feel most comfortable or in a way that continues to bring about change and awareness such as this short film.

To learn more about the crisis centers we are currently collaborating with, please visit their links below:
Violence Intervention Program
Violence Intervention Program impacts approximately 20,000 foster children and other victims of child abuse, sexual assault, and elder abuse in Los Angeles County each year. Learn more »


The Family Tree

The Family Tree helps people overcome child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness to become safe, strong and self-reliant. Learn more »


Support A Truth in Silence

Piña Productions is very grateful to From the Heart Productions for their sponsorship of "A Truth in Silence". Because of their sponsorship, donations to this short project campaign are tax-deductible.

Every donation enables us to continue to spread awareness and help more crisis centers. Our hope is to encourage any survivor to share their experience and break free from their past.

Piña Productions accepts donations online. All major credit cards are accepted on our secure server. Please click the donate button to proceed.


Piña Productions is an entertainment company in Los Angeles, California, dedicated to making films, songs, and media based on truth. With 10 years of experience in entertaining and the entertainment industry, we are very focused on impacting not only unrepresented communities, but the entire world with stories that entertain but maintain a deep, meaningful, and clear positive message.

To create, inspire and give back to the communities or causes by which these true stories were inspired. That, is Piña Productions.

For more information contact us.


Available on iTunes July 28th

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